Angelic Messenger Reading

Angelic Messenger Readings are messages delivered to you from your Guardian Angels. A reading can assist you when your feeling "stuck" in many areas of your life, with positive messages, inspiration and even a loving nudge to help you when you need guidance from above.

Single Reading 30 minutes$40.00  
Couples Reading 60 minutes$70.00  

Angelic Messenger Reading with Reiki Combination

Begin your journey with a loving, healing energy treatment known as Reiki. Reiki will help relax you and open up your Chakras. Chakras are vital energy centers that promote emotional and physical well-being. When our Chakras are open we allow energy to flow throughout our bodies, allowing our Guardian Angels to become more attune to us. In this way, they are ready to happily assist us with their loving guidance and messages.

60 minutes$65.00