Life Coaching

Life Coach services offered at Healing in Harmony Massage & Wellness to help clients with life events, career changes, and relationships.

Live the Life You Want

Family and friends are often eager to give advice and willing to help, but aren’t always able
to be unbiased and non‐judgmental. Also, most are not properly trained to maximize your end result, and at times have their own agendas which may be contrary to yours. A Professional Certified Coach (CPC) can be of tremendous help. Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?

I Need a Career Change!

Do you find yourself asking: Where do I go from here? What do I really want to do? Will it make me fulfilled and happy? Or even, what do I need to do to stand out during a job interview?

Midlife Crisis or an Empty Nest … What Now?!

Are you starting to wonder: How can I live the remainder of my life without regrets? Where do I see myself in the foreseeable future? How can my work and life have meaning again? What should I do now to fill the void and do something just for me?

Relationships … the Good, the Bad, and Everything In Between

Harmony in one’s relationships is important and not always easy. Do you find yourself wondering if you should be happier in your relationships? Do you feel like you struggle to make a relationship work? Do you think your familial, friend, and romantic relationships are where you want them to be?

The Current Conundrum or Why Do I Need a Coach?

All of these scenarios—and many more—are often difficult to navigate on our own. There are myriad areas in our lives in which some help can make all the difference. We often lack the perspective and objectivity that provides a clear view of possible next steps. A Life Coach can help you gain clarity and perspective on everything from what to study at college to coming to grips with changes in the family dynamic. A Life Coach will help you find your natural strengths and then help you set goals, create your action plan, and move you forward to living your best life.

A Life Coach does not provide psychological counseling or advice and does not delve into your past emotional experiences, but instead will help you find the best solution for the current issue so you obtain the desired outcome.


Kate L. Mitson, Certified Professional Coach and Reiki Master/Teach

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