Soul Work Mind-Body Healing

I invite you to step in and step up into a journey of self-love and self-awareness. 

As lofty as that sounds, I’m here to help you find your way. Soul Work Mind-Body Healing is the work of aligning your mind, heart, body, and soul so you may live a full, whole, deeply enriched, and content life with less pain and a lot more joy.

For most of us, our energy systems and physical bodies carry traumas, untold stories, outdated belief systems, pain, and a shared collective experience which can inhibit the natural flow of healing and our lives. Over my 20 years of healing work, I’ve seen first-hand — and experienced it for myself — that the body holds much of what our heart and mind feels and thinks but does not express. Everything from chronic discomfort or pain, to illness, to anxiety and depression can manifest in the body from unexpressed and unhealed emotional and mental wounds. 

I’ve walked this path. I know its challenges. And I know the satisfaction and revitalization that comes from doing the heartfelt work required to heal so we can walk out on the other side into a life of true well-being and joy. 

For me, my own healing journey awakened spiritual gifts and led me to continually add to my training because I must share these healing gifts with others. This is why I’ve developed Soul Work Mind-Body Healing so I may help those who may feel like giving up because they’re not finding relief from “traditional” sources. My goal is to help you learn how to stay deeply connected to the inherent wisdom of your body so that you can live wholly aligned and your heart, mind, and soul have a healthy and vibrant temple in which to live.

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What’s Waiting for You

Through our work together, you can experience an increase in vitality and see benefits in things like …  

  • More intimate and nurturing relationships
  • Better daily habits
  • Less anxiety or depression
  • Elimination of fear-based thinking
  • Feeling more “at home” and content in your body
  • Increased creativity
  • An increase in your commitment and ability to achieve goals
  • Deeper and more productive sleep
  • Genuine self-love and acceptance
  • An overall sense of balance in your life.

Our work together helps you not only become aware of the core of the problem(s), but then it fully supports you so you can release the issue, relieve the body, soothe the heart and mind, and begin to truly heal. 

Why Four Sessions? 

I ask for a commitment of four, 75-90-minute session appointments because this work goes DEEP. We’re diving in and rooting out the core of your struggle. We’re not looking to treat only your symptoms but to cure the problem. Each session builds on the previous. Humans are like onions; we need to be patient as we peel back the layers to get to the core … because that is when true transformational healing can occur. 

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What Does a Session Look Like?

We’ll start first by talking. I need to understand what you’re struggling with and what you hope to achieve and/or heal. As a trained coach, I use our discussion as the foundation for the subsequent work. As an intuitive healer, I’ll determine in each session what energy or spiritual healing modalities to use based on what you need in the moment.

Some of the modalities that I will use are:

    • Transformational Coaching 
    • Reiki (I offer Reiki with a hands-on approach because when I connect with you, I receive messages and guidance for what healing work you need. I am committed to creating a safe space for healing work, so we will discuss any and all boundaries around for you.) 
    • Crystal Healing
    • Chakra Balancing
    • Sound Healing (rattles, drumming, and/or singing bowls) 
    • Smudging (We’ll discuss if you have any allergies or aversion to traditional smudging tools such as sage or palo santo.)
    • Aromatherapy. Scent is a powerful trigger for most people and using organic essential oils can help identify and/or release an emotional or mental block. (As always, we’ll communicate and make sure we aren’t introducing any scents to which you’re allergic or averse.)

No two sessions will look alike because each person is unique — even from one session to the next! I focus on each client individually and I approach each session that way, too. We’ll work together to peel back the layers so we can reveal your opportunity to heal.

Unlike typical massage bodywork, these sessions are conducted fully clothed.

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"When I saw what you are now offering, I knew I had to be in on it. I wanted to go back to counseling, but I didn't want traditional talk therapy. Your Soul Work Mind-Body Healing sessions were the perfect combination of counseling and healing. The Reiki component made it all come together on a spiritual level which is exactly what I wanted. I am amazed with this healing process — I want more!" ~Michelle

"During my Soul Work Mind-Body Healing sessions with Kerri, I learned a number of things that helped me immensely. Kerri’s recommendations, ranging from self-love/self-care, to literature to read, medical professionals, to see, and daily routine changes, I have been given a chance to explore how to be in charge of my own healing and health. Kerri provides a judgment-free zone allowing you to feel 100% safe about expressing what you currently need to work on — the first step to take on the healing journey. I always look forward to my sessions, but the part I enjoyed the most was where Kerri does energetic healing. To feel the energy my body craved badly was something truly unique. I walk out of the session feeling energized, balanced, and truly at peace. In the two months since I started working with Kerri, I can acknowledge growth and progress; it’s incredibly rewarding. I definitely recommend working with Kerri to ANYONE who is looking to improve their health and themselves." ~Danielle

"Kerri has been an incredible guide on my healing journey. Her active listening skills when coaching are extremely helpful. Before working with Kerri, I felt like my energy was blocked; I felt lost. The combination of coaching and hands-on energy work rocked my world! I have gained a greater awareness of the deep connection between my physical and emotional pain and now understand how deeply rooted this connection actually is. Kerri’s Soul Work Mind-Body Healing sessions have been instrumental in releasing my blocks; the log jam is moving and my energy is flowing again, including my creative juices! Kerri provides a safe and comfortable space for healing. She’s empathetic, sensitive, and trustworthy. I highly recommend anyone who is in need of guidance and healing and who are open to non-traditional and holistic therapeutic techniques to work with Kerri." ~Diane

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